SUQA Whitepaper

SUQA is a new Peer-to-Peer digital currency with numerous advantages over recent predecessors. This paper will review legacy blockchain problems and how SUQA’s feature rich protocol provides smart solutions.

1.1. The Problems
Talk of ‘the blockchain’ is inescapable. It is mentioned on an almost daily basis by newspapers, financial pundits, YouTubers, and so many other media sources. But despite the overwhelming buzz that surrounds distributed ledger technology (DLT), the adoption of blockchain‐based platforms by institutions and businesses isn’t anywhere near as overwhelming.
Only 15% of the top commercial banks in the world planned to launch full-scale commercial blockchains in 2017. Similarly, in comparison to the hundreds of ICOs being launched every month, there are few examples of companies actually using blockchain services for day‐to‐day purposes.

Moreover, trust is paramount in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain. ICO and Pre‐Mined coin scams have made miners and investors cautious. Our community keeps growing while demanding more sustainably profitable coins. Use cases are evaluated more carefully than ever with an interest in perpetually profitable coins which prove useful in daily real-life situations. Unfortunately, there are few coins integrated so pragmatically in today’s cryptocurrency ecosystem.
1- Lack of recognition and adoption of blockchain and digital payments.
2- Lack of coins which are being used in real life ecosystems.
3- Lack of Trust in cryptocurrency domain.
4- Centralization threat from ASIC and FPGA companies.
5- Quantum Attack threat from future Quantum Computers.
6- Need for a new complex, secure, ASIC and FPGA resistant, memory optimized, post quantum algorithm for constant dynamic decentralization.


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