STEX Whitepaper


1.1 The problem
The cryptocurrency world has experienced such an enormous and
explosive growth in recent years that no existing crypto exchange is
capable of managing it. One coin may be trading on one exchange –
while another coin may be trading on another, but there is no one place
for all coins. STeX provides that one platform to trade all existing
coins; we know exactly how to make this a reality.

Many coins and tokens suffer from one big problem – a lack of liquidity. This
leads to enormous implications for active traders. No known exchange shows the
calculations regarding available volume at a specific price; this is valuable
information for high volume traders. Without this information, a reasonably large
volume trader cannot make a truly informed decision. The scourge of the modern
exchange is terrible liquidity. This is exactly where we deploy our private
algorithms and technical solutions – to solve this problem.
Have you tried to switch between coins, following trends in emerging tokens ?

1.2 Missed opportunities
Imagine, you have coin A and a nice opportunity to sell it at a profit and at the
same time, you wish to buy a new promising token – coin B. The only problem:
they are traded (or have the best rates) on different exchanges. To take advantage
of the opportunity, you must finish the first trade, then transfer your assets from
one exchange to another – wasting days (the world is fast nowadays, remember?)
and potentially missing the brilliant opportunity to raise money – all because of
current market insufficiency.

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