STASIS EURS Whitepaper

What is STASIS?
STASIS is the world’s first nationalized digital currency platform.​ ​STASIS will provide governments the ability to tokenize fiat currencies into digital versions via blockchain.

What problem does STASIS solve?
The most pressing issue in the cryptocurrency marketplace is the volatility of currencies resulting in the hesitancy of consumers and businesses to accept or exchange these currencies. The high degree of speculation in the markets also concerns government regulators and makes the industry susceptible to fraud and manipulation.
STASIS solves this problem by introducing nationalized digital currencies whose value is tied to the value of the fiat currency of the respective nation. STATIS’s pilot currency is the Stasis Euro Token (SET).

How does STASIS work?
Stable token issuance will become a worldwide phenomenon and will simplify the now daunting process of fiat to digital asset exchange. It will provide on-demand 24/7/365 transactions and minimize the transaction times and fees associated with exchanges, brokers, payment systems, miners, and more. In the longer term, the stable token will become a viable competitor to traditional means of payments among companies, individuals, and government bodies.

The STASIS platform will utilize the Ethereum blockchain that allows for processing up to 20 transactions per second. STASIS will also introduce its own wallet for SET (and other stable token) holders that will allow multi-platform transactions among its users. For security purposes, it is technically possible to maintain a blockchain audit every 2-3 minutes. The actual audit frequency will be determined after consulting with regulatory authorities appointed to conduct the audit.

STASIS EURS Whitepaper