SONO Whitepaper


AltCommunity Coin or ALTCOM is a cryptocurrency that is built by the community of multiple altcoin communities. We aim to be The altcoin for the altcoin community. In this paper we, the team will inform you about every aspect of the project to show off what is done when a community is standing behind a currency.

We plan to bring in allies from the eSports community as we utilize a GPU friendly Proof of Work algorithm known as SkunkHash Raptor. This will allow gamers to earn ALTCOM to join the tournaments and leagues but also let them spend their ALTCOM on hardware for computers and other accessories.
The ALTCOM team is happy to announce that we will be building our own application for gamers and eSports enthusiasts to enjoy. This application will be fully integrated with our own eSports tournaments and leagues for the community of ALTCOM and the general public.
We plan on partnering with one or more eSports organizations in the near future to help us distribute our software to more gamers together with our advertising. The organizations will also be enrolling into our tournaments and leagues with their communities.
To end this brief introduction, we will be releasing our own exchange platform. This platform will be implemented into our eSports and Gaming application to make it all an interconnected ecosystem.

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SONO Whitepaper