SONM Whitepaper


What is SONM?
SONM is a powerful distributed worldwide system for general-purpose computing, implemented as a fog computing structure.

SONM is a viable alternative to cloud solutions and services because of using a fog computing structure. Consumers of computing power in SONM get more cost-efficient solutions than cloud services.

SONM provides computing power in the most generalized case – general computing, this is suitable for a wide range of Consumers.

SONM provides a computing platform for real world applications: worldwide computations organized using SONM can serve to complete numerous tasks from CGI rendering to scientific computations. A number of applications will be launched either without modifications or with minimal improvements.

At the level of business logic, SONM is abstracted from the computing architecture (currently only amd64 support is implemented, it will be expanded in the future), abstracted from the virtualization technology (Docker support is currently implemented, and others will be supported in the future).

SONM resources are not based only on data centers, but on a wider range of sources, including people’s computers and datacenters (selling excessive powers). People computers have both strong and weak sides. The weak sides are fewer related services, more difficult to ensure privacy of data and reliability. The strong sides are:

scalability – common resource pool, and potential to include unlimited computing power;
the price;
geographical distribution;
open infrastructure.
In SONM we join two global markets – the market of mining and the market of calculations using traditional cloud providers, so our clients (computation consumers and resource customers) receive conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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