SIMDAQ Whitepaper

Simdaq is a platform created for the democratization and development of cryptotrading.
Simdaq will not only provide community members with advantage in trading, but also will
help trading ecosystem around crypto-currencies to become more mature.

Simdaq allows using historical trading data from various markets for backtesting in order
to develop trading skills quickly and without risk and become an experienced trader.

Moreover, Simdaq makes it possible to develop and test trading strategies in fast and efficient
way. For training, you can choose a trading instrument, period, speed, volume of capital,
leverage, or train using specially prepared demonstration examples. Among the trading
instruments, a wide range of crypto currencies and tokens will be available. In the future,
traditional tools such as stocks, futures, Forex, etc. will be added. The training process
is as close to real trading as possible.

Simdaq also provides you with an environment for trading robots development and testing
to automate trading strategies. Test results are visualized for the most detailed analysis,
and comprehensive statistics is gathered. A decentralized Simdaq Marketplace provides
access for reliable and well-tested robots and trading signals that can be used by community
members for real trading.

Simdaq is an ecosystem for the community of people who are interested in the world of
trading. The platform provides a wide range of opportunities for sharing experience and
ideas: streaming of trades, social trading, individual and group trading with mentors, analytics
of recent cases, tournaments, access to opinion leaders and experts. The content is created
by the community for the community and is available through Simdaq Marketplace.

SMQ token is a currency that Simdaq accepts as a payment for subscription and additional
services. Also, community rewards the contributors to Simdaq Marketplace with SMQ.
After the ICO, SMQ token will be available on several exchanges, and its value and liquidity
will have a direct correlation with the community activity.

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SIMDAQ Whitepaper