SHPING Whitepaper

The world loves to shop. Few activities satisfy
our most primitive hunter and gatherer
instincts as much as the act of shopping for
that perfect purchase. Shopping is part of our
everyday habits and a popular pastime that
generates trillions of dollars for the global
economy annually.

The mobile age has irrevocably changed our
shopping habits forever. Today, we hunt and
gather information in the palm of our hands –
searching for information and seeking reviews
and approvals before and after we take the
product to the checkout counter.

Shping takes this to the next level. This
innovative shopper marketing and brand
protection platform enhances the path-topurchase at every stage of the product
journey, even after the customer has left the
store. The Shping App enables shoppers to
scan product barcodes to learn pertinent
product information supplied by industry
authorities and brands. It also enables
consumers to check for authenticity, product
recall status and product reviews contributed
by other Shping users, all to enable
consumers to make smarter, more informed
purchase decisions.

Shping platform is an innovative self-service,
shopper marketing system. In a similar way
that digital advertising platforms are used
to influence sales online, Shping offers the
ability for brands and retailers to market
to consumers during shopping instances
that occur in-store. Yet, unlike advertising
platforms, Shping enables brands and
retailers to channel their marketing budgets
into rewarding the consumer directly for their
attention and engagement instead of paying
large sums to the media giants. That’s a win
for businesses and an even bigger win for the
customers who buy their products.

Shping Coins will become the
currency that enables brands,
retailers and associated
organisations to utilise this
powerful platform to influence
and reward consumers to make
smarter, safer shopping choices.

Shping is on the verge of revolutionising the
way we shop. As more and more consumers
and organisations discover the benefit of the
Shping platform, we see Shping Coin evolving
into a desirable, new payment methodology

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SHPING Whitepaper