SGPay Whitepaper

The SGPay Token will be issued as ERC-20 standard compliant digital tokens on
the Ethereum blockchain. The SGPay Token (or SGP in short) is built as a utility
token to be used on the SGPay Platform. It is envisioned to be adopted by the
technology partners of the SGPay team and other affiliated merchants.
SGP is built on the Ethereum blockchain because this brings advantages such as
decentralisation, security, transparency and lower transaction costs. Ethereum is
also the preferred blockchain network of many large corporations such as Microsoft
and UBS who are part of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

The SGPay Platform is a 3rd generation e-wallet and e-payment mobile application that
allows users to buy and sell virtual currencies, or make purchases using both virtual
currencies and fiat currencies (the SGPay Platform). The objective of the SGPay team
is to make the SGPay Platform the leading e-wallet and e-payments mobile application
for everyone living in Singapore and the region. Customers are envisaged to be able to
pay for their groceries, purchase movie tickets, book flights and more with the usage of
the SGPay Platform. They will also be able to select their preferred modes of payment,
either in fiat currencies or virtual currencies at selected merchants.

Singapore makes a good launch pad for the development and execution of the
functionalities of the SGPay Platform. Many payment providers have ignored Singapore
as a potential market due to its relatively small market size. However, they have failed to
recognise the capacity of Singapore to quickly adopt innovative technology due to its
highly educated workforce as well as tech savvy population. Singapore is also a leading
financial centre in Asia with one of the highest GDP per capita in the world. The
Singapore government has recently advocated a national push towards e-payments
which is projected to increase the chances of investments and acquisitions occurring in
this sector relative to other sectors.

After establishing the SGPay Platform in Singapore, the focus will be shifted to
nearby overseas markets such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Indonesia is the 4th most
populous country in the world and the South East Asia region is poised to see
tremendous growth. E-commerce and e-payments are also growing at an increasing
rate in the region, posing a great opportunity for FinTech firms.

To encourage further adoption of the SGPay Platform, additional business platforms will
be developed to support the usage of SGP. These include SGReward that will tie in with
the SGPay Platform to offer monetised incentive points as well as SGFund that is
intended to help financially support the expansion of small and medium enterprises

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