SEER Whitepaper

SEER is a next-generation blockchain-based decentralized prediction market built on the
Graphene toolkit. It allows users to express their judgments about future events by means of the
market mechanism and makes effective predictions by gathering intelligence and ideas. Equipped
with multiple-hosts decentralized Oracles, SEER offers users credible decentralized prediction
market service. Also, SEER Committee and a mechanism of arbitration have been set up to
maintain high efficiency, impartiality and self-government. In the early stage, SEER’s project team
mainly focuses on building a bottom blockchain layer and compiling smart contract s on a basic
prediction market feature. Apart from this, SEER pursues extensive collaboration with data
providers, aiming to connect blockchain and the real world, and narrow the gap between the
upstream industries and users. In the middle of the SEER project and its development route,
customized development projects will be launched, such as sports betting, finance market
prediction, assets price prediction and event prediction.

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SEER Whitepaper