Rotharium Whitepaper

Blockchain is a relatively new technology, but we truly believe that it is the future internet
technology. Designed to be a decentralized system, blockchain provides an optimal basis for
developing extraordinary, spectacular and user-friendly applications.
Our solution will connect blockchain with existing IT solutions to create maximum benefits. To
achieve this, we will develop a decentralized business-to-consumer (B2C) platform which will
contain blockchain and additionally developed services for different types of businesses. We will
call it Rotharium platform.
Our platform will be the first B2C blockchain system which allows direct interaction between
consumers and business providers (without middleman) using blockchain-based interaction
between applications, business services and common databases.
By design, our platform will also be the first blockchain system which allows the integration of
legacy applications and databases. It will help customers implement our solution as an
interface between previously implemented solutions and save customers from investing the
same amount of money again.
In additional to the decentralized B2C blockchain platform, we will also develop our own
business applications. Due to the fact that our platform will support all B2C models, the
integration of new business applications will be extremely easy. To help understand how our
platform will help simplify business processes using blockchain, we have provided detailed
information for two business applications: Booking App and Sportsbook App.

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Rotharium Whitepaper