Rocket Pool Whitepaper

Rocket Pool is a first of its kind, Ethereum proof of stake infrastructure service.
Individuals and businesses who want to earn interest on their ether over a fixed term
can use Rocket Pool’s decentralised network of node operators to participate in
staking. Businesses such as exchanges, staking pools, and wallets can easily provide
customers with proof of stake services by leveraging Rocket Pool’s API and its unique
decentralised network of node operators.

Rocket Pool’s unique decentralised staking infrastructure is both secure and scalable. It
works by aligning the interests of two groups:

 Stakers – are individuals or users from API integrated businesses. They deposit
ether which is automatically assigned to Node Operators for staking.

 Node Operators – maintain server infrastructure in the Rocket Pool network by
running our smart node software with an Ethereum node client such as Parity or
Geth. To be assigned staker deposits, a node operator must stake a matching
amount of ether (which is staked fee-free). For providing the service, node
operators can charge stakers a predetermined percentage of their interest
earned while staking on their node, so they earn additional income & interest on
their own ether.

Rocket Pool is composed of 3 primary elements; Smart Contracts, Smart Nodes, and
Minipools. All three integrate to form an innovative global network that automatically
scales using token incentives, reduces staking risk by spreading deposits across
multiple nodes, and is highly distributed and decentralised.

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Rocket Pool Whitepaper