Rhenium Whitepaper

“Rhenium [XRH] is an open source, community driven, decentralized
POW/POS hybrid cryptocurrency. We aim to increase mainstream
adoption of cryptocurrency with innovative ideas and development”.

What is Rhenium?
The Rhenium network is an open source, primarily proof of stake (POS) cryptocurrency with a
focus on decentralization, privacy, speed, sustainability and the community.

Masternodes will play a vital role on securing the Rhenium network. Collateral for a masternode is 10,00 coins. Early investors
will benet greatly with the increased block reward and high Return on Investment. Masternodes are a source of passive
income and one can be set up via VPS or locally on your computer. Also if you don’t have 10,000, worry not, as you can still
stake the coin and earn rewards passively. Look for reward table structure section for further details on this. This ensures that
the barrier for entry is low, because you don’t need a masternode to earn passive income with Rhenium.

With the implementation of Zerocoin protocol, Rhenium ensures that you have the right for privacy should you need it. We
live in a world where the need for privacy and anonymity is growing stronger by day, therefore we feel that we must provide
that service to Rhenium investors. We will allow full anonymity on receiving and sending XRH on the blockchain.

Community Driven
The community plays an important role in the current cryptocurrency space and we strongly believe that by harnessing the
community, we can bring Rhenium to its full potential. The community will have the option to participate in voting via governance for future developments as the project becomes more established.

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Rhenium Whitepaper