RevolutionVR Whitepaper


he RVR Token is the Future of Gaming + Crypto + Virtual Reality
By combining the awesome power of virtual reality with the breathtaking disruptive nature of cryto-currency and block chain technology RevolutionVR Token (RVR) is set to power a new global ecosystem of VR and Gaming technology
We’ve used the best technology and probably the best team in the world to create our currency.

Litecoin Core
Upgraded to the latest version with added extra security and two minutes verifications.

Pre Mined Currency
210 Million token are pre-mined, transactions utilize 0.1 RVR Token mining fee.

Verified By Experts
The RVR Token passed industry experts verifications in terms of security and functionality before it was sent to the exchanges.

Trading On Major Exchanges
The RVR Token is technologycally approved by major exchanges that trades the coin since 2016.

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RevolutionVR Whitepaper