Request Network Whitepaper


Request is a decentralized1 network that allows anyone to request a payment (a Request Invoice)for which the
recipient can pay in a secure way. All of the information is stored in a decentralized authentic ledger. This
results in cheaper, easier, and more secure payments, and it allows for a wide range of automation possibilities.
To become the backbone of world trade, Request integrates a general ledger (in the accounting sense of
the term), which is:

– Universal because it is designed to support 100% of global transactions, regardless of currency, legislation
or language. Request is built to last.

– Smart because unlike an existing standard accounting book, Request is at the origin of the exchanges and
integrates a computerized trade code, as well as the management of a multitude of payment terms.
Today, their absence makes the whole system inefficient and absolutely unready for the digital and IoT
(Internet Of Things) revolution that is taking place.

Request can be seen as a layer on top of Ethereum, which allows requests for payments that satisfy a
legal framework.It is also possible to see currencies as tools to complete Request transactions. In this sense,
Request is more global than any currency.

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Request Network Whitepaper