Republic Protocol Whitepaper


The market capitalization and trading volume of cryptocurrencies is growing
rapidly every month. With institutional investors arriving into the cryptocurrency
market, the development of alternative trading systems is critical for trading large
blocks of cryptographic assets while maintaining minimal price slippage and
market impact.

We introduce Republic, a decentralized open-source dark pool protocol
facilitating atomic swaps between cryptocurrency pairs across the Bitcoin and
Ethereum blockchains. Trades are placed on a hidden order book and are
matched through an engine built on a multi-party computation protocol. This
provides order execution without exposing market sensitive information such as
price and volume at a certain position, which would provide an advantage to
other traders.

Republic removes the need for a trusted intermediary to operate a dark pool and
provides crypto-economic incentives through a protocol token for governance;
enabling the development of a secure, decentralized, scalable dark pool protocol
capable of handling billions in trading volume daily.

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Republic Protocol Whitepaper