Repme Whitepaper

RepMe is the brand new “incentivised” endorsement based networking and
social media blockchain community. LinkedIN meets Facebook, PR agency,
recruitment agency and talent agency all rolled into an autonomous d’App
system designed to filter and introduce qualified networks to engage and cultivate mutually beneficial social and commercial relationships.

The problem
Introverts and extroverts alike, we are a species that either must engage in or
desire interaction, whether for personal or commercial or obligatory reasons.
Unfortunately, we have constructed social barriers and gatekeepers, we have
developed insecurity and lack inclination or time. We have businesses to run,
money to save and a life to look aer. We have trust issues…the business world
is sick of being hit by telemarketers and in the social realm we always think
someone approaching us has their own agenda….The problem…We have
emotions and have limited time.
Imagine if you could remove emotions and time expenditure from the entire
process and interact with someone for the very first time with surgical precision
about why you should connect and whether or not there is availability or mutual
Imagine if you could find employees through your network and interact directly.
Imagine if you could directly contact employers, business partners, investors,
old friends, new friends, anybody? Imagine if you could get paid and earn a
living simply from the people you know and network with?

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Repme Whitepaper