Relex Whitepaper

Relex was established as a platform to leverage Squawk Advisors (SA) investment portfolio offerings to a
wider investor base, while being able to streamline the investment process more efficiently for existing
SA investors. Squawk Advisors was formally established in August 2016 as an Illinois corporation to
formalize operations of, which started in Jan. 2014.
As one of the players in the investment advisory industry connecting projects and companies with suitable
investors in the geographic focus areas of North America and Asia, Squawk Advisors managed to gain a
reputation as a solid investment advisory service, possessing an investment advisory portfolio that
exceeded $1 billion USD as of the end of 2016. Squawk Advisors has offered investors exemplary
services in the areas of investment filtering and selection, along with assistance through every step of the
investment process, from origination to closing. Squawk Advisors aims to offer investors high investment
projects in frontier markets, with its focus in real estate and pharmaceuticals.
Relex has emerged from this background, and has been placing its offerings on the Relex blockchain for
offering to investors. Relex aims to offer investors the most effective financial solutions and the most
streamlined investment process through its advanced technological infrastructure.
As of the beginning of January 2018, Relex possessed a market cap of $4.4 million USD, a 440% increase
from average market trading levels in Fall 2017. Relex currently has 93 investors and 3 real estate
developers based in Canada and Vietnam signed on to the Relex platform.

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Relex Whitepaper