ReeCoin Whitepaper


Reecore is a peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency for ordinary people, easy to use and acquire.
Reecore summarizes the best characteristics of digital currencies, which were issued earlier (Bitcoin, Peercoin), such as: increased security, fast consensus mechanism, and increased decentralization achieved by requiring miners to prove the knowledge of the transaction data.

The community has created a coin with faster transaction, more secure, masternode, completely anonymous and low transaction fee. With the new REEX, your transaction is now private and absolutely untraceable by the third party.

ReeCore is an improved implementation of original ReeCoin but renamed to distinguish it from REE.

The new coin is called ReeCore and the ticker is REEX.

The project is led by 8 members of original Reecoin community of holders.

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ReeCoin Whitepaper