RealTract Whitepaper

This whitepaper describes how RealTract is going to disrupt and transform the
blockchain industry and cryptocurrency market with the launch of the first practical
smart contract in the world. RealTract is going to launch Smart Contract 2.0 on the
Blockchain 4.0. RealTract aims to create a truly democratic and decentralized blockchain
enabling common users to get the benefits from the blockchain technology and digital

There are many technical difficulties around blockchain core technologies, which need
breakthroughs and out of box thinking. At present, the infrastructure to support
development of blockchain applications is unstable and time consuming. There are a
number of major problems related with the current blockchain and smart contracts such
as Low transaction throughput, Energy costs, Difficult to use, Uncompetitive
Applications, low Transaction speed, Transaction fees, Issues of interoperability and
Platform lock-in, lack of robust security for smart contract 1.0, etc.
The current blockchain architecture and technologies along with application scenario
are limited by performance, applicability and stability of the underlying chain. Therefore,
there is an urgent need to study the underlying mechanism of Blockchain, and redesign
or improve the various key technologies of blockchain to solve the various associated

RealTract aims to solve the problems such as low applicability, transaction congestion,
high commissions, long confirmation latency, weak resistance to quantum attacks, slow
communication and transactions, incapability in crossing and merging chains, large
space for storage and etc. RealTract would optimize and improve blockchain
technology in all aspects including protocols and mechanisms, and become a genuine
infrastructure of Blockchain 4.0. Blockchain 4.0 uses a multilayered architecture
which provides a solution to the issues faced by current blockchains such as the
lack of scalability and low transaction throughput rate. Blockchain 4.0 incorporates
many advance features like dynamical sharding functions for transaction scaling.
Blockchain 4.0 is secure, fast, scalable, and versatile.

The goal of RealTract is to create a trustless and decentralized system in which
transactions are similar to real-world transactions. RealTract accomplishes it by
designing its network as a multi-layer blockchain. Multi-layer chain has basically two
layers viz. SupplyChain and MainChain. SupplyChain is the place to store the temporary
transactions and in the pending order of the smart contract. MainChain is the place for
recording and saving all the completed transactions, the information of contracts that
have ended and user-encrypted information. It provides enhanced transaction speed,
extended storage space and increased security with Proof of Truth (PoT) and Proof of
Stake (PoS) algorithms. Moreover, it will inevitably make sure that it does not depend
on the miners, inexpensive energy, and avoids attacking 51%.

Infinity Block Graphs (IBG) technology with infinite scalability helps keep transactions
from overloading, speeding up transactions to 2 million TPS, bringing down the costs
to nearly zero, and ensuring absolute security.

With the ability to create a deal, contracts can be applied more effectively in reality by
adding: creation of multiple conditions, and the time of the contract. RealTract Smart
Contract 2.0 is a significant improvement over the Ethereum smart contract 1.0 that is
prevalent at present. In addition to maintaining the excellent operating mechanism of
the older version, smart contract 2.0 adds conditions and algorithms to completely
protect the interests of the parties, when participating in the transaction.

The Proof of Result (PoR) algorithm is included in the RealTract smart contract as a tool
for evaluating and documenting the credibility of the parties involved in the contract. It
also increases the security for the transaction parties. PoR is also a tool to handle
disputes between the parties or the buyers and the sellers.

The cryptocurrency market has shown amazing growth in 2017 with the market
capitalization crossing the half a trillion mark. Yet, after scaling new heights, there was
drastic decline in the market. The main reason is the narrow base of the cryptocurrency
market among the general public. RealTract’s offering of Smart Contract 2.0 on the
Blockchain 4.0 would greatly increase the user base of the cryptocurrency market and
blockchain usage. As the number of users would increase hugely, the price volatility of
the cryptocurrency market would also reduce thanks to the expanded huge base of
cryptocurrency and blockchain investors and users.

With the introduction of RealTract tokens (RET) as the digital currency for the
cryptocurrency users, RealTract will be uniquely positioned to utilize its token and smart
contract framework in conjunction with its revolutionary platform to solve the problems
hampering the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency market. We plan RealTract
crowdsale to fund our futuristic and pioneering platform. RealTract token (RET) tokens
would initially be built on the popular ERC-20 standard. The ERC-20 standard allows
RET tokens to immediately work with all the apps that conform to the standard. We
would swap ERC-20 standard after the completion of RealTract Mainnet. Out of the
total supply of the 100 billion RET tokens; the supply in circulation would be 35 billion
tokens or 35% of the total tokens.

Our meticulous business plan, committed team, and technological innovations and
breakthroughs would produce enormous gains in value for the investors in the coming

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