RealChain Whitepaper


In the future, idealized global luxury, jewelry and artwork trading
system should be based on fair, open and transparent product
information as well as highly efficient trading environment. The
combination of block’s decentralized system and AI (Artificial
intelligence) image recognition technology can fully meet the
above requirements. We have developed the RC product
based on the above two aspects. The full name is RealChain.

The RealChain foundation is the R & D and operator of
RealChain products. It will work closely with TaoDangPu
holdings to develop a new generation of high-end consumer
goods trading system. RealChain product aims to improve
transaction transparency and reduce fraud risk and transaction
cost by block chain technology and AI technology in the trading
scene of luxury goods, jewelry and art.

In the whole operation system of foundation, we hope that all
members of the entire ecosystem will be able to participate in
the management. Our vision for the future is to build RealChain
into a public product based on high-end consumption, so as to
provide secure and reliable business services for system

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RealChain Whitepaper