Rapids Whitepaper

Social Networking has been increasingly incorporated throughout our
lives as technology progresses. More and more of our lives are being
spent in online environments, building relationships and conducting
business. Alongside Social Networks, Blockchain technology has recently
been unveiled, providing digital financial systems which can benefit us
while interacting online.

The underlying Blockchain Technology of Bitcoin (BTC) has shown that our
traditional financial systems can be altered to function through similar,
alternative cryptocurrencies and with the increase in popularity of Social
Networking, sending payments across multiple platforms can be as simple
as a few clicks of the mouse.

Rapids aims to conjoin the two advancing fields of Social Networking and
Blockchain Technology through the revealing of Rapids coin. Rapids coin
will enable the user to send money across all Social Media platforms and
directly exchange cryptocurrency into fiat currency. Proprietary
technology provided by Rapids development will support the use of
cryptocurrency throughout all internet-enabled devices and platforms.
With the introduction of Rapids coin, transacting online just became
faster and more convenient.

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Rapids Whitepaper