Ragnarok Whitepaper

By creating Ragnarok Coin (RAGNA) we made a cryptocurrency with a focus on
decentralization and a secure storage of RAGNA in digital wallets. It
utilizes an energy efficient Proof of Stake protocol, second-tier Masternode
network along with a blockchain and a financial model that would generate
income for RAGNA owners while utilizing itself for the security of the RAGNA
blockchain. We have also inherited, through a selected fork of PIVX, the
ability to provide for near-instant payments through SwiftTX. Ragnarok is a
form of online digital money that can be easily transferred
all around the world in a blink of an eye with nearly non-existent
transaction fees. You can buy RAGNA and just hold to earn rewards similar to
interest, trade on an exchange or buy crypto mining items online. To address
the issue of previous first-generation cryptocurrencies, the
network provides the owner the option to ensure fungibility of RAGNA through
the inherited functionality of PIVX’s Zerocoin Protocol.

Our main goals are to be an advanced digital currency that is fast and secure
which can be used to earn money online or buy crypto mining items from an
online store we will partner with, this is something that has not been done
before. This enables you to buy crypto mining items like GPU, Motherboards,
riser and so on without having to give anyone your credit card or payment

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Ragnarok Whitepaper