Radium Whitepaper


Preface​. This paper assumes a previous understanding of blockchain technology,
Proof-Of-Work, and Proof-Of-Stake. For more information on these topics, read the Bitcoin
whitepaper, (Nakamoto, 2008) and the Black Coin Proof-of-Work explanation (Earls, 2017).

1. Introduction
Blockchain technology provides a powerful new protocol for trustless data validation and
verification. Bitcoin popularized this technology by creating a decentralized system to validate
the history and authenticity of financial transactions. Much of the subsequent development
around blockchain continued to focus on various implementation of financial systems, with little
attention to other types of data validation. While projects that support non-currency uses of
blockchain technology exist, substantial technical skill is required, rendering them inaccessible
for many people. The Radium Project was founded to explore and develop non-financial types
of data validation, and to make these functions available to the non-technical consumer. It is our
goal to create an intuitive interface that provides users with access to a wide range of
blockchain based functions. Currently, we are developing a suite of identity management,
voting, and information validation tools.

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Radium Whitepaper