RRCoin Whitepaper

1. What will RRNC do?
The mission and goal of RRNC is to build a blockchain-based decentralized computing network
that collects and makes the most use of the unused computing power of personal computers and
smart terminals.
The overall program will be divided into 3 steps.
Step 1: Build ecosystem
Establishing public chains and issuing RRTokens to collect idle computing power of global
personal terminals (computers, mobile phones) by providing users with easy-to-use mining tools,
which allow users to mine through browsers, clients, and etc. and get RRTokens easily.
Step 2: Create circulation environment
By using RRTokens as leverage to create the consumption circulation environment, different
scenes of consumption, such as video sites, news, e-commerce and etc. can be integrated into our
economic system, thus facilitating people using RRTokens to consume.
Step 3: Establish distributed computing network to increase investment value
Once global distributed computing network is constructed by gathering residual computing
power of personal terminals, those power can be used to perform commercial computing tasks, which
brings new commerical value to RRNC economic system.

2. Why RRNC?
1) Technical strength
Executive members of RRNC team have more than 10 years of experience in average working in
The core founders include product experts from traditional Internet companies such as Alibaba,
360, and Sina, as well as algorithm experts from Bitland. We are a complex technical team.
2) Market development capability
RRNC also has several core members who have more than 10 years of experience in Internet
marketing and promotion. They are experts on various marketing methods, including website alliance
promotion, social media marketing, and public relations. Their strong market development
capabilities will swiftly bring products to the market to acquire a large number of users.

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RRCoin Whitepaper