REPO Whitepaper

Repo Coin is a revolutionary blockchain project focused on the auto lending and
repossession industry. It is a solution that will result in the faster, more ecient recovery
of assets for auto lenders by bringing together a large community of people to assist in
locating delinquent vehicles, motivated by cryptocurrency rewards.
With a sharp increase in new auto loans and delinquent loans over the last five years,
financing companies have become overwhelmed with the need for more ecient auto
repossession services. Despite this growing demand, the auto repossession industry has
yet to see any meaningful innovation. The cost of repossession services is steep due to
the use of expensive License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, and the exchange of
information between repossession companies and auto lending companies is inecient,
often resulting in the lending company having to pay extra fees to have vehicles stored
by the repossession company before they are actually recovered.
Our goal is to make this process faster, cheaper, and more ecient by using smart
contracts on the blockchain and enlisting the help of everyday people across the

To achieve this goal we are building an end-to-end technology solution that will feature a
website, mobile app and digital wallet all built upon a secure and immutable blockchain
platform, using the Stellar protocol for token operation and smart contracts.
With the Repo Coin mobile app, everyone will have the power to scan license plates and
quickly identify delinquent vehicles, matched against our real-time database of
delinquent vehicles from lenders across the US.

By enlisting the participation of lending agencies, auto repossession companies, and a
community of users incentivized by cryptocurrency, we will disrupt and transform the $1
billion dollar auto repossession industry in a way that has never been seen before.

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REPO Whitepaper