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Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we see government currency
monopolies. Currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have shown us that we don’t
need to rely on central governing powers to transfer money around the globe,
maintain financial privacy/security, and verify ownership.

The global financial system is changing and the role of cryptocurrencies within this system has long been
filled with hopes, questions, and plenty of risks. However, it’s finally becoming clear that blockchain could
be the heart of a wide variety of decentralized infrastructures, including everything from cloud databases
and social media platforms to mesh networks and share economies. Together with the internet, blockchain
technology is proving to be one of the largest revolutions since the industrial revolution and the foundation
of a free and prosperous planet. But this future isn’t something to be predicted or hoped for – it’s something
to be achieved.

At Rebellious, we believe in the power of cryptocurrency and more so in the blockchain technology behind
it. And we believe now is the time to push this technology further. In 2017, we already saw huge changes
that impact the future of cryptocurrencies and economies on a global scale.

With a lot of experience in the E-commerce markets, we ourselves have experienced how the mass adoption
of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in general still has a very long path ahead of it. We, however,
feel the current path the market is traveling is not leading towards this end goal of mainstream adoption.
Blockchain technology is being misused as a product to feed a very speculative and manipulative market.
The combination of rapidly increasing prices, individual speculation in the crypto marketplace, and widely
available venture capital has created an environment in which many investors are willing to overlook
traditional metrics, such as price-to-earnings ratio and confidence in technological advancements, in favor
of getting rich quick by speculating in the bubble market.

The absence of infrastructure and a lack of understanding were two major obstacles that previously
obstructed mass connectivity for the internet market. For these reasons, individuals and businesses had
limited capabilities in what they could do and what they could achieve in accessing the technology. A lack
of knowledge also brings in more risk and security problems.

Right now we see these problems occurring in the Blockchain industry. Due to these limitations, lots of
businesses are sidelined during this technological revolution, even though they would like to enter the
playing field.

Rebellious will provide the building blocks that can better the infrastructure and increase the understanding
of the blockchains’ fundamentals and its immense potential. We will bring down the wall that’s holding
businesses back from blockchain adoption. Education leads to understanding, and finally, with the right
tools in hand, adoption.

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REBL Whitepaper