Quantis Network Whitepaper

Welcome to Quantis, a cryptocurrency focused on defending the
fundamental human rights of privacy and free speech. The Quantis Network
is a set of decentralized tools and applications that allow users to transact and
communicate privately and anonymously.

Quantis believes in privacy. If you’re new to the concept of privacy as an
inherent right, you may be asking, “Why does one need to transact privately
or communicate anonymously? Is it because they have something to hide?”
To be clear, Quantis was not designed with the intention of hiding illicit
activity. Rather, it seeks to maintain the privacy of individuals should they
choose to have it. Further, the Quantis Network exists to enable individuals
with the power to communicate when they are otherwise silent out of fear of
public scrutiny for disagreeing with the common majority.

At its core, Quantis stands for freedom. It seeks to defend that freedom with
decentralized applications that provide anonymity and privacy.

The Quantis blockchain code is based on the Bitcoin protocol with added
features. Quantis uses hybrid consensus algorithms for block validation and
employs masternodes to help facilitate private transactions. The system also
makes use of steganography and end-to-end encryption to ensure the privacy
of its users.

All of the Quantis network’s privacy features are built directly into the
wallet. This allows the user to transact and communicate using an all-in-one
system. It is recommended that masternode operators also use a Virtual
Private Server; however, masternode operation can be viewed within the
wallet as well.

It is worth noting that Quantis was funded solely by the contributions of the
developers. Quantis did not seek funding as an ICO and did not conduct a
pre-mine. Launched on April 25, 2018, the project was funded by the
contributions of the developers.

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Quantis Network Whitepaper