Quanta Utility Token Whitepaper

The establishment of blockchain-based gaming alternatives has been a
recognized possibility for nearly a decade already. Few decentralized gaming
projects, however, have truly taken into account the implications of government
regulation. Everyday, innovative projects are being shuttered by regulators,
largely due to their founders’ hubris with regards to the law.
The Quanta lottery, founded by experts in both ‘fintech’ and ‘regtech,’ is the first
decentralized gaming organization that succeeds at combining advanced
decentralization techniques – such as smart-contract powered random number
generation (RNG) – with business practices that are compliant with government

Quanta’s primary technical innovation lies in the manner by which lottery
winners will be selected – the Ethereum-powered RNG protocol referred to as
‘RANDAO.’ This RANDAO feature has been thoroughly tested by NMI, and has
received a remote gaming operator’s license in the Isle of Man. This makes
Quanta the first legally operating blockchain lottery anywhere in the world.
It is expected that Quanta will solve many issues currently faced within the
lottery industry worldwide. As a platform, Quanta will form the basis of an entire
ecosystem, with the lottery at its core. A system of cryptotokens will enable
secure interactions and transactions between Quanta participants, including
advertisers (affiliates), white label licensees, RANDAOparticipants, players, and
other community members.

In terms of vision, Quanta’s goal is to provide universal access to fair lottery
services, whether this be for entertainment purposes or for charity. This
document is intended to elaborate on this vision, and to make readers aware of
the true humanitarian potential for the lottery.

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Quanta Utility Token Whitepaper