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Overledger is the blockchain Operating System (OS) of the future. It empowers applications to function
across multiple blockchains. Overledger securely removes barriers prohibiting communication across
multiple blockchains, providing endless possibilities for data and applications.
The potential uses of blockchains are seemingly limitless. The world’s smart cities, new industries 4.0 and
tech startups are using blockchain for everything from global payments to music sharing. It’s predicted in
the next few years much of our digital consumption and footprint will be run via blockchain foundations
without us even realising it. According to WEF, by 2027, 10% of global GDP value will be built on
blockchain applications. However, in order for blockchain technologies to truly offer endless possibilities, 1 2
we need to:
+ Enable applications to function across multiple blockchains (multi-chain applications);
+ Not be limited to any single vendor or technology; and
+ Allow for the exchange of data across multiple blockchains. This includes recognition of
transactions related to changes of ownership (for off and on-chain assets) and obligations/rights,
arising from smart contracts, across different blockchains.
Overledger is a blockchain operating system providing the ability to distribute value and applications
across both current and future blockchains, without being limited to a single technology or method.
Overledger is an agnostic platform that connects the world’s networks to current and future blockchains.
Overledger sits on top of blockchains providing a meta-gateway for existing networks to connect to
blockchains and vice-versa.

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