Pylon Network Whitepaper


We are a team of engineers working closely with creative and conscious
professionals both in the energy sector and in the blockchain developers’
community. What brought us together in the first place and
shall keep us bonded, is the impact that our actions have on our planet
and the impact that decentralised technologies can have on our lifestyle
and our evolution.

We have managed to make some steps towards a more sustainable
future and we have made climate change a central perspective point
in our decision-making. However, we still see so many antitheses between
words, visions, roadmaps, hopes – and actions.

Two years ago, Jim Kim, the President of the World Bank urged governments
to remove global subsidies of USD 1.9 trillion for fossil fuels,
and redirect funds to fight climate change. The same year, the IMF calculated
that fossil fuel subsidies amount to USD 10 million per minute –
including the health and environmental degradation costs. At the same
time, subsidies for Renewable Energy Sources (RES) are approximately
50 times lower!

Pylon is a network structured with only one purpose: to create the first
open, renewable energy exchange community, which will provide the
energy markets with the signals and financial incentives that current
energy policies and governance systems, are failing, or delaying to provide.
Users of Pylon can exchange green energy, bought directly from the
RES producer and without need for intervention of intermediaries
throughout the process; this is achieved through the application of blockchain
technology and smart contracts. At the same time, our PylonCoin,
which will be used for payment of all green energy transactions,
is utilized within the financial eco-system that we are proposing (the
Pylon Network), in order to reward the production of sustainable energy
and financially support projects on sustainable technologies.

The technology to achieve our 100% sustainable development vision is
out there and it works! Pylon is here to accelerate its implementation.
The following sections will go through the definition of Renewable
Energy Cooperatives with their values and role in local energy policies;
following this, the document goes through the presentation of the pro-
ducts developed by Klenergy and an explanation of how they interact in
relation to Pylon; furthermore, the Pylon Network is introduced with its
various types of participants (players), their role and how they interact
through the platform, along with an explanation of how Pylon-Coin can
accommodate for the acceleration of RES investments; finally, the roadmap
regarding the pilot project and commercialization implementation
plans is presented, for different budget scenarios.

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Pylon Network Whitepaper