Pura Whitepaper


PURA is a self-funded, self-governed, private, instant, and secure
cryptocurrency based on Dash (the alternative currency developed by Team
Dash and Evan Duffield based on Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin). PURA’s key
features include, the replacement of a central authority with a democracy
utilizing blockchain transparency, democratically decided social
contributions, responsible currency decentralization, budget compounding
goals that target social contributions, user/merchant incentivization
programs aimed at mass-adoption, and aggressive marketing and
development campaigns. A three-tier network ensures improvements in
mining capabilities through smoothing, a rewards distribution system that is
more fair to miners, collective governance, growth and retention, increased
decentralization capabilities, long-term scalability, and transactional speed.
Team PURA has built advanced cryptocurrency protocols into its design, then
combined it with aggressive marketing strategies that encourage mass
adoption and mainstream acceptance. With all this and more, PURA offers
a unique alternative to centrally-organized social governments for unlimited
ways to form one’s own.

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Pura Whitepaper