Provoco Token Whitepaper

In this document, the social challenge and media network PROVOCO is presented, along with an integrated
blockchain technology and reward-based token economy (tokenomy). This will be fueled by the visual
content and unique social prole monetization system, which is motivating and transparent. For this
purpose, the VOCO token will be used, and released exclusively to PROVOCO by VOCO Fund.

VOCO token supply will be limited and governed by the VOCO Fund, which will release them in an ocial
Initial Coin Oering (ICO) event in form of Ethereum ERC-20 token. It will be distributed exclusively through
PROVOCO platform, which also be the rst commercial product for the token use. VOCO Fund will be
responsible for the management and administration of collected fund distribution to the PROVOCO project
and searching for and granting future projects who will wish to join the VOCO ecosystem. Tasks will also
include blockchain research and development, charity partnerships, continuous charity relief support, smart
contracts development, usability, and ecosystem sustainability maintenance tasks.

PROVOCO will follow an economy-driven action plan, pursuing PROVOCO application feature development
and promoting and incentivizing content creators and socially active users to join the PROVOCO ecosystem
to achieve a user-engaging environment.

Our optimized Smart Contract Deployment module for VOCO tokens will create and write all in-App user
contracts onto the blockchain network in tandem with involved lot of VOCO tokens, in form of ERC-223
Smart Contract, which will be executed within the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) environment according
to predened rules of logic.

The App is designed to inspirit its members in numerous engaging daily activities and generation of viral
content for everybody to enjoy; while swiftly rewarding valuable user input and created content,
nevertheless a user just started or have established a solid social prole already. PROVOCO will reward
everyone from the start – no matter one came for noble, game, or both reasons. Our App will connect digital
user content and activity with tokenized gameplay and aligned economic incentives for all its participants.

Provoco whitepaper

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Provoco Whitepaper