Proton Token Whitepaper

The world is stepping into the digital era. Marketing, like all industries, has the
opportunity to transform itself by effectively engaging with the huge flows of data
generated by billions of smart devices.

Whilst the technology used by marketers is highly advanced, marketing methods
themselves are still stuck in the stone age. Theoretically, all activities in the digital
world leave a trace. Advertisers dream of being able to track consumers throughout
the journey from first impression to final purchase, however this currently isn’t possible
because consumer’s digital traces are locked in ‘data silos’. This is due to a lack of
cooperation between websites and poor data interoperability.

Data is a valuable resource, so we are using the blockchain to facilitate trustless data
sharing so advertisers are able to track individual users across devices and platforms.
Whats more, for the first time consumers will actually be paid for the usage of their

Proton Network is a public chain for the digital marketing industry dedicated to
achieving the two most desired goals in the field:
1. Cross application unified identity (UID).
2. A Blockchain digital marketing ecosystem.

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Proton Token Whitepaper