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ProChain —— Presicion AD BlockChain Based On Big Data

ProChain’s goal is to build a transparentdigital advertising data ecosystem: connecting advertisers, media anddevelopers to improve the efficiency of settlement of advertising business,reduce the loss of advertising traffic fraud, to intermediaries, digitaladvertising to participate in Side to share the maximum benefits.


ProChain insists on “data truth” asits mission to promote the trust of all parties involved in digital advertisingregardless of cost.

Mainly includes:

Traffic Anti-Fraudulent: ProChainbuilds a full-range data tracking system using cluster analysis, GBM, devicesimilarity recognition and other equipment fingerprint model, with unique POStmechanism to effectively identify high-risk devices such as virtual machinesand farm equipment, significant Distinguish user behavior, abnormal userbehavior, false traffic, eliminate fraud accurately.
Farewell AD Agency: ProChain provides innovative productionrelations, a substantial reduction in agency costs; the current digitaladvertising industry, one of the pain points is too many agencies and agents,as ProChain data is transparent and traceable, advertisers can easily determineAdvertisers can skip the traditional ad buying process and pay directly to thetarget audience who watches the ad, regardless of who they view their ads.
Trusted Automated Billing: Eachadvertiser’s serving task is a smart contract, because it clearly monitors theeffect of each delivery, and the entire link data is transparent, then thesmart contract can be settled in real time to both parties according to eacheffect, significantly Shorten the upstream and downstream accounts, to avoidcontract disputes; as domestic advertisers in more and more delivery businessin the form of PRO tokens to pay, easier to solve the problem of settlement ofcross-border business;
Accurate Marketing: Getconnected to all kinds of information silos, data governance and Real TimeBidding based on advertising, algorithms and models that apply a variety ofmachine learning and deep learning, targeting users and ads on a full data setMatch, to achieve personalized high-quality recommendations, to ensureadvertising effectiveness.
Why to use BlockChain Technology

The traditional Internet advertising marketis a zero-sum game market. Advertiser, Publisher and User, due to their mutualdistrust, introduce a number of worthless intermediate links such asadvertisement verification, data monitoring and advertisement interception,etc. Reduce the benefits of all parties. Using blockchain solutions to innovatedigital advertising at a production-relations level will dramatically reducethe cost of trust for all parties involved and create a market value ofbillions.

Based on Ethereum’s public chain, Raiden’ssidechain and IPFS distributed storage technology, ProChain will build a bigdata-based precision advertising distribution system. Advertisers createfulfillment tasks through smart contracts, which are settled in real time withPRO tokens for users and media rewards that triggered the ad.

It is expected that in the next 1-2 years,commercial-grade blockchain public chains as well as the Polkadot and Raidentechnologies will mature. The storage solutions based on the IPFS protocol willbe decentralized Web3.0 media, Centralized applications provide content-bearingcapabilities and blockchain media is entering a phase of rapid growth.

Advertising as one of the oldest Internetbusiness models, ProChain will also provide high-quality digital advertisingsolutions for these emerging Web3.0 distributed applications.

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