PotCoin Whitepaper


PotCoin was the first cannabis related blockchain currency and intends to remain a leader in the space. Moving
forward PotCoin will be focused on marketing, creating business partnerships and developing merchant relations.
The development team will also explore the possibilities of smart contracts, and how this may benefit merchants
and consumers in the legal cannabis industry. PotCoin has the intention of adopting and taking advantage of the
continuously evolving developments and technologies in the blockchain space. We are also looking at various
methods to incentivize PotCoin users and merchants to adopt and use PotCoin.

With daily developments and the constant evolution of new blockchain technologies, PotCoin intends stay up to
date with current security, consensus and technological developments. We aim to increase adoption and
acceptance of PotCoin with the use of rewards, incentives and exciting new services.

In order to take advantage of new technologies and potential security advantages PotCoin will explore the
possibility of migrating to the bitcoin or potentially the ethereum blockchain. Our future development plans involve
smart contracts, cannabis tracking solutions for merchants, point of sale technology and tokenization of seeds,
strains and more. In order to best accomplish this, migration to a secure network that will allow for blockchain 2.0
applications is the best and most logical evolution for PotCoin. This will allow for the creation of a future
decentralized autonomous organization (D.A.O.) to implement voting, fund raising an development for PotCoin and
the PotCoin community.

Project Outline
PotCoin will explore the possible benefits leveraging the security and features of the Ethereum Decentralized
Network as well as other platforms such as Counterparty & Rootstock. We strongly believe that these next level
blockchain platforms is precisely what is needed for the PotCoin community to grow. The Ethereum Virtual
Machine allows for the creation of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) which will allow for community
voting, decentralized development, the creation and implementation of blockchain 2.0 technology and smart
contracts. There are already are numerous ambitious projects being built on the Ethereum Platform. PotCoin
having the ambition and mission to economize the legal cannabis industry will explore the use of the Ethereum
Network or a equivalent technology on the bitcoin network to allow PotCoin to leverage the security and
development benefits to the cannabis industry, it’s users and merchants.

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PotCoin Whitepaper