Polybius Whitepaper


Digitalization of our daily lives is now an undisputed phenomenon, which is here to stay.
According to studies made in 2015 and 2016, over 80% of developed countries’ population have
some access to the Internet. Furthermore, over 60% of European citizens own a smartphone. It
implies them being near constantly online.

With the world gettng more connected, an increasing number of companies strive to offer their
services and solutions online. Finance, education, healthcare, commerce and leisure providers are
actively moving towards digitization in an attempt to serve the existing and find new customers

European Parliament, along with other regulatory authorities across the globe are now actively
outlining new rules and principles for e-services. The legal framework removes regulatory
uncertainty serving as a catalyst for the business migration online. We’ve undertaken a thorough
analysis of the latest trends including rules around eID, QES and Trustee services as well as the
Aggregation of Payment Services within the scope of the PSD2. And this is where Polybius steps

Polybius Foundation, a team of financial, security, legal and technical experts is raising funds for
its project Polybius Bank. Our goal is to capitalize on the broader digitalization trend with a
particular focus on:

1. Financial services which is at the core of all business interactions;
2. Digital ID and wallet concepts needed to serve as gateway to the eCommerce market.

With the success of the ICO, Polybius Bank will become a fully digital bank accessible everywhere
at any time. It will have all the functions of a classical bank, but will not host any branches nor
physical front-offices and will rely fully on the latest digital technologies.
This will enable Polybius Bank to be among the least expensive banks to operate in the world, with
a very efficient cost/revenue ratio and granting its backers with higher returns.
The Polybius Bank project is aimed to establish an online scalable financial infrastructure for
businesses and individuals, provide electronic identity and trustee services across the EU, and
create a user authentication and payment processing gateway for not only online merchants, but
also commercial, corporate and governmental services.
This prospectus covers business, technical and regulatory details of the project, our step-by-step
milestone plan and the technologies which will be developed as the basis of Polybius

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Polybius Whitepaper