PolySwarm Whitepaper


PolySwarm in 60 Seconds
Polyswarm is a decentralized threat intelligence market
made possible by Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain

Polyswarm incentivizes rapid innovation in the $8.5B/yr anti-virus and
automated cyber threat intelligence space with precise economic incentives that
reward timely and accurate threat intelligence concerning the malintent of files,
network traffic and URLs.

PolySwarm defines a real-time threat detection ecosystem involving
enterprises, consumers, vendors and geographically-diverse security
experts. Experts develop and hone competing “micro-engines” that
autonomously investigate the latest threats, attempting to outperform
their competition. PolySwarm’s “Proof of Work” is threat detection
accuracy: the market rewards experts who are best able to defend
enterprises and end users.

Relative to today’s ad hoc market, PolySwarm will lower the barier to
entry, provide broader coverage options, discourage duplicative effort
and ensure interoperability among products and threat intelligence

Economically, PolySwarm functions as a skill-required twist on a
prediction market2 with thousands of micro-engines (“workers”)
investigating the latest in malware evolution at machine speed – no
human in the loop.

PolySwarm will be developed by PolySwarm Pte. Ltd, Inc. (“PolySwarm
Pte. Ltd”) with funding derived from the sale of ERC20-compatible
Nectar (“NCT”) utility tokens.

As a utility token, PolySwarm economically disincentivizes Nectar
speculation by rewarding honest market participation through the
collection and distribution of Fees (details on page 6) to valueadding,
active participants.

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PolySwarm Whitepaper