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Mobile marketing becomes a more important part of advertising with every passing year: Native mobile marketing platforms that attract and retain clients are being developed at a tremendous rate, and new social and information technologies are constantly being developed. DS PLUS has existed for little more than a year and has already become a strong player in the mobile marketing and lead generation industry. The DS Plus platform is built to entice people to make purchases and take advantage of services offered by sellers who are ready to show loyalty to their customers. We refer to the merchants on the DS PLUS system as “partners.” As of the current moment, we have 1,496 partners and our system is in operation at 8,027 locations throughout Russia and in parts of Europe. These numbers are growing by the day (fig. 1: DS PLUS partner locations). Our partners include both regional companies (such as the “Absolut” supermarket chain) and major multinational retailers (such as X5 Retail Group, McDonald’s, and KFC).

fig. 1. DS Plus partner locations (product screenshot) Users conduct transactions with our partners on a daily basis. Each day, the userbase increases by an average of 250 people. When clients make purchases from DS PLUS partners using the platform, they receive discounts, as well as unique bonus points that can
be exchanged for various gadgets, or for other goods and services. Very soon these bonus points will become a supported cryptocurrency, and our partners and users will be brought together in a common infrastructure. How? We shall answer all your questions in what follows!

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