Plancoin Whitepaper


PLANCOIN LIMITED COMPANY with its cryptocurrency, the PLAN token, are
explained in this whitepaper. PLANCOIN is a highly secured Peer-to-peer and
crytpo-payment decentralized platform powered by the Script (POW/POS)
algorithm with a unique and self-regulated financial system which enables our
users, members or participants to earn PLAN through staking or mining.The
latest innovations in technological advancement, a novel model of
crowdfunding and new cryptocurrency are brought together to give a
powerful and comprehensive model of investor-participant and crypto asset
appreciation with its related interest alignment.

Thus, this model is generalizable and cross-cuts a number of sectors. Therefore,
most vulnerable are aligned by designing this effectively tax-subsidized cryptocurrency.
As it is widely believed, currency supply to a hard cap is strictly limited.
Hence, the currency-institutional system is developed to generate a longterm
and rapid growth in currency demand, as well as permanent and
repetitive reductions in the supply of token. As a result, financial institutions,
Individuals, and large companies can design various crowdfunded projects
that smoothen their reputations with less labour then receive primary tax
deductions for doing so. In actual sense, donations to these projects would directly increase the demand of the token. Additionally, a certain portion of
the wages would be sent to a medium-term worker or other pension fund,
which in turn would fuel the long-term systemic reductions in the supply of
liquid token. This innovation, however, is also generalizable across many
cryptocurrencies. If it is widely adopted, it would remarkably accelerate a
value creation in the crypto-asset marketspace.

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Plancoin Whitepaper