PinkCoin Whitepaper


Mission Statment
Pinkcoin was saved by people possessing a strong desire to supplant the wild
west atmosphere plaguing the crypto currency markets, instead seeking to
provide a charitable, safe, informative, transparent and highly valuable
experience for all crypto users and especially Pinkcoin’s. Secured by an
innovative Flash POS/POW hybrid consensus mechanism, Pinkcoin enthusiasts,
major $PINK backers, investors, and Pinkcoin community leaders abound intend
to change the landscape of charity crowdfunding, casual tipping, and friendly
neighborhood micro-donation campaigns while simultaneously bringing that
same altruistic spirit and gratuitous mentality to and spreading it throughout
the entire crypto-scene. As a community run coin everybody has a part to play in
the success of the pink coin family, from marking to development work, even
just your casual speculator, all are welcome here! Forever encouraging, we
always strive for the entire pink citizenry to use all their strengths in whatever
manner that may be to propel, sculpt and shape the Pinkcoin mission ever
further, sharing our compassionate virtues with all. The mantle has been
made, the torch has been lit, it is up to the entire Pink army now to take the
baton and pass along across all the world, spreading the enlightened fire
that is the good gospel that Pinkcoin is coming to bring!

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PinkCoin Whitepaper