Phantomx Whitepaper


We strongly believe that any decentralized payment system that wishes to achieve universal adoption and solidify itself
as a viable global currency must be built in such a way that its very infrastructure inherently addresses and solves all
aforementioned bottlenecks early on.

Economically speaking, the recent exponential price appreciation of Bitcoin from under $0.01 to over $17k as of writing
this paper clearly demonstrates an increasing global market demand for the solution that Bitcoin offers, however, we
believe that until a comprehensive solution arises that fully answers the challenges faced by the Bitcoin network, a full
capitalization of the global multi-trillion-dollar financial industry cannot be reached. With this philosophy and unmet
market demand in mind, we have decided to create PHANTOMX.

PHANTOMX is a community-driven, open source and fully autonomous cryptocurrency that places a strong emphasis
on the very building blocks required to create a complete payment system: it is secure, anonymous, trustless, scarce
and fungible with a very low-cost transaction profile. It is designed to embody all that Bitcoin as well as more advanced
cryptocurrencies have grown to become as well as to capture the economic value that is thus far inhibited by the
systemic constraints outlined above.

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Phantomx Whitepaper