Peerguess Whitepaper


What is the story behind the idea?
Almost everyone in the cryptocurrency world checks the price of the
currencies through an application, usually Coin Ticker, Blockfolio or
similar. While none of these applications provide accurate information
on what to invest, they merely allow to track the market status or your
portfolio value.

We also know that almost everyone in the community (whether a
crypto trader, a miner, a small investor or a big whale) spends endless
time, experience, and even luck to look up for investment hints and
clues from resources such as blogs, twitter, slack communities, troll
boxes and

We thought about one solution to kill two birds with one stone, we
thought about peerguess.

What is peerguess?
peerguess is a free application to track cryptocurrencies from
various exchanges, create portfolio and alerts, designed to function
applications like Coin Ticker, Blockfolio and/or crypto projects like
CoinDash, DetectorToken, and Trackr. To become a game changer in
the cryptocurrency world, peerguess is designed with gamification
experience. We decided to add gamification principles to the watcher
and portfolio management applications, in which you can guess the
next 24h value of a specific cryptocurrency using the Gems provided
or purchased.

From individuals to an ecosystem, the power of the peerguess
platform comes from creating a whole that is larger than the sum of
its parts. While users play with Gems and make guesses, these guesses
will create a community thought, and as an output, you will be able to
see what the community thinks about Bitcoin’s (or any other altcoin)
value in the next 24 hours. As a result, the predictions of your own
portfolio along with the whole cryptocurrency world will be visible to

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Peerguess Whitepaper