PeepCoin Whitepaper


DAPS is a planned privacy blockchain with a focus on security, scalability and total
obfuscation. DAPS is currently hosted on the Ethereum network, pending the DAPS
coin main net deployment. The goal of DAPS protocol is to create a fully anonymous
coin and eventually payment system with a trustless governance structure, a first in
crypto-currencies. DAPS chain verification and consensus will be achieved via Proof Of
Audit miners, Masternodes, and Proof Of Stake nodes.

How will we do that? We have carefully selected certain tested protocols, utilizing
these features together will enable a fully private blockchain network. We plan to offer
the most complete anonymity package in any protocol to date, with an on-chain
solution to the “Trust Problem” that prevents such a fully-private network from being
created. Our unique solution to the “Trust Problem” is called Proof-of-Audit, a first in
the sphere.

Utilizing various successful features of competing protocols, we hope to implement a
multi-layered and fully anonymous system with mandatory privacy while also
removing the “trust issue” of completely private networks.

A main push for DAPS is to anonymize assets and secure an infrastructure for
development of further precedent-setting technology. DAPS aim to be more than a
coin, but a culture.

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PeepCoin Whitepaper