Pedity Whitepaper

Pedity is a simple community oriented content sharing platform where every user is
rewarded PEDI tokens based on content and not on upvotes/votes from other users. The
term content is referred here to various possible categories listed below and are not not just
limited to these –

1. Articles – Similar to Steemit but users don’t have to depend on upvotes
2. Videos – Similar to a media platform like LBRY which rewards user for video sharing
3. Images – Similar to gettyimages but user gets rewarded in PEDI Tokens
4. Questions and Answers – For every successful answer user gets rewarded and also
the person who has asked question will also be rewarded
5. And much more … that will be revealed with beta time frame

Currently Pedity is in Pre-Alpha phase and it is moving towards Alpha stage in few days
( where the platform is only open to some tested and for
reporting of bugs.(MileStone Achieved – 23rd March 2018) As this platform is in Alpha stage, all
non-members will be able to see all content and will also see how the rewarding works.