PWR Coin Whitepaper

PWR Coin would not have been possible without the prior works of the respective
Bitcoin, Peercoin, and Zerocoin developers. Open source software and its contributors are
constantly paving the way toward new and exciting innovations. We are grateful to our
predecessors for the opportunity to contribute to this growing ecosystem.

Fiat money defined as paper currency and coins (M0) is represented globally by
approximately 180 different currencies (Contributors, 2017) with an approximate total value of
USD 5 trillion. (Wagner, 2013) We believe that cryptocurrency is becoming a viable alternative
to fiat as it brings a myriad of desirable improvements.
PWR Coin desires to be a part of this change by providing an alternative payment
method for online shopping. We are confident that as people become familiar with using
cryptocurrency, they will begin to understand the advantages and this will lead the way
towards mass adoption. The vision of PWR Coin is to be an integral part of this exciting shift
from the fiat to cryptocurrency!

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PWR Coin Whitepaper