PRCoin Whitepaper


– PR as Public Relation –
Public Relation. Originally PR has its root in publicity and advertisement.
These days, however, these are just a part of PR.
PR is a notification and persuasion to make environment surrounding organizations soft
and friendly by controlling and adjusting ignorance, bias, distortion, indifference,
falsification, imagination.
Demand and pressure and one type of attitude is a hospitality from environment to
PR is homework for an organization is to analyzing and understanding all of the cause
determining the attitude against the organization.
PRCOIN is based on block chain and we will be working as a bridge between the
advertiser and the publisher in P2P.
There are over supply of advertisements these days.
Many efforts and costs are required to expose a better, faster, accurate advertisement to
PRCOIN can build an easy low cost, effort system for the advertiser and the publisher to
make a fluent distribution order to expect better advertisement effect.

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PRCoin Whitepaper