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1) Development & Application of Bioinfomatics
Include the advancement of technology, bioinformatics has changed, and it is changing its fundamental
paradigm. Development and propagation of wearable IT devices makes it overcome limitations of bioinformatics. This innovation provides opportunities of accumulate and applicate bioinformatics for proper
solutions. Also, as developments of genetic engineering and testing techniques, scanning process of gene
and health status has became simpler and faster without drawing blood, just sampling a hair, urine, or
saliva. Genetic technology also develops, allowing the screening of microRNA as well as DNA using a
sample. In this era, technologies are being developed simultaneously in various fields, and are merging
into one. In this process, a lot of bioinformatics are being created, and it is necessary to integrate, manage
and use them in real life.

2)Advent of Transhumanism
With the help of the technological advance, the transhumanism is emerging to improve the mental and
physical qualities and abilities of human beings. As the overall quality of life improves, there is growing
interest in prolonging human life and improving physical and intellectual abilities. Raymond Kurzweil of
Google, Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Coffee, and Vishen Lakhiani of MindValley is widely known as trier of
this thesis. To improve function of human brain, various kind of nootropics are researched and developed.
The application and development of bioinformatics ascend practicality of transhumanism.

3)BlockChain & Bioinformatics
After 10 years Satoshi Nakamoto established the concept of blockchain, this has appicated to various
fields. The concept of blockchain is based on digital ledgers where a transaction between involved parties
is recorded.
As the content of digital ledgers comes to include financial transactions, medical information and many
different kinds of events and documents, blockchain’s application is spreading as well.
Blockchain technology is being applied to bioinformatics. In medicine, Medibloc, MedicalChain, Aston that
store and use medical informations via blockchain. SweatCoin is rewarded with tokens as much as you
exercise, Lympo tokenize data stored in wearable devices.
The blockchain suggests the possibility of innovating the current wellness system.
By integrating bioinformation obtained by various routes using a blockchain, the parties of the bioinformation can completely manage and confirm their own.
This will allows the person who is not a third party to take the initiative of Wellness.
On this progress, when bioinfo is linked with LifeLog, people can see more closely how changes in their life
affect own health.
This will change the process by which humans identify and improve their own health.

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