POPCHAIN Whitepaper

Entertainment is an eternal topic of humankind seeking a better life. Especially, the digital content market is
continuously recording an outstanding growth rate based on a highly developed network. According to
Technavio’s report released in 2016, the worldwide digital video content market size is expected to grow to
$ 121 billion by 2020 and record an annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 26%. Also, the recently emerging
live broadcast market is anticipated to grow to about $ 71.7 billion by 2023, in Asia alone. As of 2017, the
number of interactive live broadcast users worldwide exceeded 600 million, while the number of platforms
went over approximately 1,000.2 The live broadcast market is expected to surpass the movie market and
become the next big entertainment market after the gaming industry.

Such numbers make it look as if everything in the world of entertainment is prospering smoothly and
seems like it will continuously grow. However, there are questions being raised as below that have not yet
received clear answers:
⚫ Is the currently highly-developed entertainment industry really fulfilling the different desires of
entertainment producers and consumers?
⚫ Do individual live broadcasters have spontaneity and creativity?
⚫ Do game players have interest in independently creating value?
⚫ Are entertainment stars expressing dreams and ambitions enough through concerts and movie

The current digital content distribution market has many unresolved problems, such as market monopolies
by large content distribution platforms or enterprises, unfair hierarchical relationship structures for content
creators, copyright issues from illegal content distribution, and qualitative deterioration of individual
content due to intensified competition. The question is how the current digital entertainment industry can
move in the right direction without changing the fundamental paradigm.
The blockchain technology which can provide transparency, reliability, and openness to the content
distribution system can be a good solution to these series of problems. POPCHAIN Foundation seeks to
solve the problems of digital content distribution markets by using blockchain technology and bring
revolution to the content industry and to the general entertainment industry.

POPCHAIN Whitepaper