Oxycoin Whitepaper


As the world’s curiosity towards cryptocurrency grows, investors are continuously attracted to the
fascinating world of digital currencies. Unfortunately, the reality is that significantly less than 1% of
the world’s population uses cryptocurrency, but why? We believe there are two major challenges that
need to be tackled in order to pave the way for mass adoption. The first problem is user-facing. Many
people want to invest in blockchain technologies; unfortunately very few have been able to due to
the complexity of entering crypto-markets. The second problem is software development limitations.
Developers lacking blockchain knowledge often find it difficult to grasp a full understanding of
blockchain and its potential because the current tools do not facilitate the creation of decentralized
applications. Therefore, many software developers are left in the dust and the full potential of blockchain
technology remains largely untapped.

We are pleased to announce that the solution to the aforementioned problems is the OXYCOIN®
Mobile Platform and OXYCOIN® Enhanced DAPP SDK (Decentralized App Software Development
Kit). To solve the first problem, our mission is to enable investors wanting to enter the crypto-markets
by simplifying the investment process. Our mobile platform will be the easiest way to purchase
cryptocurrencies with FIAT and will also feature a central information hub where investors will receive
any crypto-media they would need to make informed decisions. In short, we are building the one and
only platform that has everything cryptocurrency investors need right at their fingertips.

After completing our first milestone – the OXYCOIN® mobile platform – we will tackle the second
problem by creating the Enhanced DAPP SDK. This special tool will enable “non-blockchain
developers” to build decentralized applications (DAPPs) using JavaScript and enable something truly
powerful that has never been possible before – integration of DAPPS into the mobile and web world!
Developers will no longer have to worry about the backend. Our technology manages the backend work
behind the scenes and essentially allows DAPPs to “talk” with our blockchain through Application
Program Interfaces (APIs). For once, developers will have the tools they need to solely focus on what
matters – building their frontend.

OXYCOIN® is a trademark registered at Benelux Office for Intellectual Property. 3
Though we are going to deliver revolutionary tools with the DAPP SDK, it’s important to highlight the
underlying potential behind the OXY token itself. Developers will have the ability to take advantage
of use cases such as “OXY in-app mobile payment system”, instead of using the expensive options such
as Google Play which charges 30%. In short, we are removing the limitations which have prevented
non-blockchain developers from bringing in fresh mobile and web ideas into the crypto world while
also giving them competitive solutions for micropayments, in-app purchases, subscription models,
marketplaces, and e-commerce websites.

We hope you are as excited about our plans as we are. It is time to make a change. To make mass
adoption of cryptocurrencies possible, we must work together. OXYCOIN® will make it possible for
new investors and software developers to join the wonderful world of cryptocurrencies, which is filled
with technological and financial opportunities.

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Oxycoin Whitepaper