OrmeusCoin Whitepaper


Ormeus Global announces the release of Ormeus Coin (asset symbol
‘ORME’). The real-world value of this new token is secured and
cryptographically linked to a publicly verifiable reserve of Bitcoin, the
‘gold standard’ of cryptocurrency. The bitcoin reserve known as the
Ormeus Reserve Vault (hereafter “ORV”) is a multisignature Bitcoin wallet
funded by the ongoing industrial bitcoin mining operations of Ormeus
Global. These operations have an initial baseline hashing power of 30
PH/s. This hashrate will be continuously upgraded by allocating
proceeds derived from the sale of ORME tokens. Unlike other static or
semi-static bitcoin-backed cryptocurrencies (which are historically
highly speculative in nature and backed by token sales alone) Ormeus
Coin will be backed both by token sales and a geographically diverse
industrial cryptocurrency mining operation. This predefined mechanism
to facilitate the continual accumulation of hashing power will result in
the ORV having a constantly increasing reserve store of bitcoin which
eectively distinguishes ORME as a stable store-of-value.

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Ormeus Coin Whitepaper